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    Member Spotlight - Meet Malika Moore

    Malika Moore is a social worker who serves on YNPNdc’s Board of Directors as Managing Director. Her wide-reaching career in the nonprofit sector includes experience in youth/young adult mentorship, homelessness, family preservation, geriatric care management, group work, and psychotherapy. With a passion for motivational and public speaking, she believes in the importance of serving and elevating others. Born in Texas and raised in Alabama, her favorite thing to do in DC is to take a nighttime stroll through the National Mall. We asked Malika a few questions about what inspired her to join YNPNdc. Check out her answers below, and be sure to say hello at our next event! What brought you to the nonprofit world? Nonprofits have served an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have had the opportunity to see lives change in ways beyond financial or material measure. A nonprofit professional has so much power as an individual but a bountiful reach within a team working effectively to achieve mission driven goals and results. My life story is forever weaved with those vulnerable populations I have served and in the process I have gained, from them, lifelong lessons and wisdom.
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    What Does It Mean to Be a YNPNdc Member?

    When I first attended a YNPNdc plug-in event (essentially an orientation on what YNPNdc is all about) in the fall of 2014, I envisioned a network that would not only offer me professional development opportunities but that would connect me to a community of like-minded professionals who could provide me with the support I severely lacked in my professional realm. During that initial introduction, I was astounded by the level of excitement exhibited by these YNPNdc leaders – leaders who had similar education and professional experience as my own but who volunteered their free time to provide a network of support and guidance for those nonprofit professionals who may be feeling lost in the greater Washington, D.C. region. One of those leaders happened to be our current Board Chair, Marie LeBlanc. She was a co-chair on the Membership Engagement Committee at the time and encouraged me to attend an upcoming YNPNdc Speed Networking event. I attended that event, perfected my elevator speech and learned some tricks for active listening. But more than that I made a friend – an actual connection with another young professional in my field.
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