Performance Measurement: Developing Your Logical Outcome Model

Hosted by YNPNdc partner, The Center for Nonprofit Advancement

Date: October 6, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Cost: $49

About the program: Articulating the value and effectiveness of programs can be both difficult and daunting. Yet an increasing number of funders want to know exactly what outcomes nonprofits expect to achieve and how that impact is being tracked. Performance measurement is also a critical part program management, as progress and quality indicators reveal opportunities for growth and improvement. However, before organizations can define a set of meaningful metrics, leaders must ask two key questions: What does success look like? and How do we achieve results?

This course will introduce a structure for answering these questions. Learning how to elaborate your theory of change in a detailed logic model will bring clarity to how your organization communicates and manages its mission, programs, and resources to yield desired outcomes.

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