Advocacy for nonprofits: Telling your story

Succinctly tell your organization’s story to more effectively advocate for your mission

In a region that has a special interest group for almost every activity or cause, nonprofit organizations need to make certain they get their unique messages out in order to be heard.  This session will provide the fundamentals for crafting an organization’s message in order to advocate at the local, state, and federal levels.  Expanding on the guidance and materials that the Center for Nonprofit for Advancement provides via its website, this session will focus on nonprofits effectively and confidently telling their stories.  Participants will be asked to bring their mission statements so that they can draft a strong, succinct narrative about their purpose.  The interactive components of the session will include small group working sessions and video presentations.  The take-aways will include an “elevator speech” to efficiently present the nonprofits’ message and an advocacy action plan.

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