From meeting skeptic to active participant

We've all been in a meeting where it feels like pulling teeth to get people to talk, give ideas, or brainstorm. We also know that person who tends to dominate meeting discussions.  So how are you supposed to get the opinions of everyone in the room, when no one seems comfortable providing their input? Continue reading

Introducing the new YNPNdc website

It’s a new year and YNPNdc is kicking things off with a whole new look.  We’re proud to introduce our brand new website! Take a look around and be the first to explore the redesigned, which is streamlined and easier to navigate. After months of researching, weighing different CMS options, and discussing everything from pixels to site maps, we’re thrilled to be starting 2015 with one New Year’s resolution crossed firmly off our list. Continue reading

4 Important Things to Do within 90 Days at a New Job

By Katy Beth Cassell and Danielle Devery We both started new jobs in early June (on the same day!), and as exciting as it was, it also was a huge adjustment. Our new jobs took us to larger organizations where we had new skills to learn, busier schedules, and more responsibility. But we’re happy to report that after three months, we are settling in nicely to our new positions. Looking back, we came up with four important things to do within 90 days of starting a new job. Continue reading

Introducing YNPNdc’s New Board Chair

By Michael Man I’m honored to have the opportunity to step into the role of Chair for 2014-2015 to build on the solid foundation left by those who came before me. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the tremendous amount of work put in by last year’s leadership team under the guidance of Emily Reineke. In addition to the programming with which you are most familiar, this team has been instrumental in increasing the financial and operational strength of this organization, giving this year’s team every opportunity to grow and achieve our lofty goals. Continue reading

Hello, Goodbye

By Emily Reineke YNPNdc has just concluded an impactful tenth year. We’ve served the nonprofit community for a decade, and we are prepared to continue making a difference in the careers of young nonprofit professionals in the coming decade. This past year, through our mission of advancing the careers of young nonprofit professionals to strengthen the sector, we have delivered more than three dozen high quality, affordable programs to meet the professional development and networking needs of our members. Our growing network, with more than 13,000 members living and working in the DC region, makes us the largest in a national network of 37 chapters across the country. Continue reading

So Nice We’re Doing It Twice

Each year YNPNdc offers our members the chance to participate in our signature Emerging Leaders series, a professional development program designed to give young nonprofit professionals the core skill set to establish themselves in their careers. Hundreds of members have graduated from the program in small cohorts, learning the basics of leadership styles, project management, communications, and nonprofit finance along the way. Continue reading

Becoming a Fundraiser

By Emily Reineke I’ve always hated asking for money. The first time I ever asked for money was to help fund a service trip in college. Since I didn’t know any better, I sent short (and probably very cryptic) emails to my family and friends and awkwardly asked for a check. That was my first (and last) fundraising experience. Continue reading

The nonprofit leadership crisis we’re not talking about: Interview with Robert Egger

By Patricia Gentry When I think about flipping the nonprofit sector on its head, I think about Robert Egger. He is a long-time rebel rouser in the best way possible; a no-nonsense leader that pushes us all to think of the sector and its capabilities in a different way. I’ve been following Robert’s work ever since I read his book Begging for Change in 2004, where he talks about the ineffectiveness of the nonprofit sector and challenges the nonprofit sector to reform and innovate. Continue reading

Career Self-Promotion and Mentoring: Professional Development in Nonprofit Organizations

By Dr. Kelley Wood, Program chair, MSA Organizational Management, Trinity Washington University Students in the MSA in Organizational Management program for Nonprofit Management at Trinity Washington University often use their capstone projects to examine the nonprofit arena, with an eye toward a deeper understanding and improving their opportunities in their career field. Many successful medium and small nonprofits in the DC metro area are the result of an entrepreneur’s vision and drive. These entrepreneurial leaders rarely consider how their organization would thrive if an injury sidelined them or after they decide to retire. When leaders do not engage in talent development, it makes it difficult for employees to see that the organization is committed to them and their professional growth. You as the employee are left to determine what to make of the uncertain situation and to determine what knowledge, skills, and experiences prepare you for professional growth. In this environment, promoting your own career is an important task for young nonprofit professionals. Continue reading

4 Tips for Breaking into the Nonprofit Sector

By Michelle Shapiro Lucky for Planet Earth (but maybe not so much for job seekers!), lots of people want to make the world a better place, so nonprofit jobs are increasingly competitive. Whether you’ve just graduated or you’ve been working in the private sector for years and want a change, finding a nonprofit job can be a challenge. Continue reading