Career Self-Promotion and Mentoring: Professional Development in Nonprofit Organizations

By Dr. Kelley Wood, Program chair, MSA Organizational Management, Trinity Washington University Students in the MSA in Organizational Management program for Nonprofit Management at Trinity Washington University often use their capstone projects to examine the nonprofit arena, with an eye toward a deeper understanding and improving their opportunities in their career field. Many successful medium and small nonprofits in the DC metro area are the result of an entrepreneur’s vision and drive. These entrepreneurial leaders rarely consider how their organization would thrive if an injury sidelined them or after they decide to retire. When leaders do not engage in talent development, it makes it difficult for employees to see that the organization is committed to them and their professional growth. You as the employee are left to determine what to make of the uncertain situation and to determine what knowledge, skills, and experiences prepare you for professional growth. In this environment, promoting your own career is an important task for young nonprofit professionals. Continue reading

4 Tips for Breaking into the Nonprofit Sector

By Michelle Shapiro Lucky for Planet Earth (but maybe not so much for job seekers!), lots of people want to make the world a better place, so nonprofit jobs are increasingly competitive. Whether you’ve just graduated or you’ve been working in the private sector for years and want a change, finding a nonprofit job can be a challenge. Continue reading

Why I YNPNdc

By Emma Parkerson About this time two years ago, I received an email announcing that the application to join YNPNdc’s Leadership Team was just released, and it was open to anyone.  Let me assure you, this was in no way a slow time at my day job. However, despite my long hours, I decided to put together an application and see what happened.  Why?  Maybe I was looking to carve out some time for myself or to meet other people feeling the way I was; who knows.  What I can tell you, though, is what keeps me energized about serving young nonprofit professionals in the DC area. Continue reading

How to make the most of YNPNdc’s Annual Leadership Conference

By Danielle Devery It’s Conference Week for YNPNdc! As our Leadership Board is putting the final preparations together, we hope you are getting ready for the conference too. Attending leadership and professional conferences is essential for staying current on industry trends, networking with other professionals in your field, learning new skills, and becoming more proficient at your job. So it’s safe to say–it’s important to maximize the time you have while you’re at these events! Here are few tips on how to make the most of the YNPNdc Annual Leadership Conference this Friday. Continue reading

How the founders of Share Our Strength are working to end childhood hunger, Part II

By Patricia Gentry This is part two of our interview with the founders of Share Our Strength, Bill Shore and Debbie Shore, siblings who launched the organization in 1984.  Last week, we shared our interview with Billy Shore. Read on for our chat with Debbie. Continue reading

How the founders of Share Our Strength are working to end childhood hunger, Part I

By Patricia Gentry Billy Shore, Chief Executive Officer, together with his sister, Debbie Shore, co-founded Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America. The Shores founded Share Our Strength in 1984 with a $2,000 cash advance on a credit card. Since then, Share Our Strength has raised and invested more than $376 million in the fight against hunger, and has won the support of national leaders in business, government, health and education, sports and entertainment. Continue reading

The Value of Values

By Anthony Carter What drives you? How do you make decisions? What values are at your core? Straightforward questions, but when’s the last time you sat back and actually thought about it for yourself? Or, for your organization?  The Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations, a document produced by Independent Sector, asserts that nonprofits should “develop a statement of values and code of ethics to help guide their policies, decision making, and operations.” From organizations likeKaBOOM to Public Allies, many of our nation’s nonprofits have understood and embraced the idea that strong organizational values lead to vibrant work cultures and potentially greater impact. Continue reading

YNPNdc Announces Our First Ever Match Grant

By Kyle Storms March is a time to reflect on those harebrained resolutions of January, and take stock of your progress in the first few months of the New Year. Personally, I’m working on being more patient at work, increasing my running frequency and duration, and touching base with family more regularly. Continue reading

Putting Data to Work: How to Get Started

By Katie Grills I’m decidedly not a numbers person. The funniest things happen during the course of our career development, though, and drag us kicking and screaming into skills and experiences we end up loving. Continue reading

5 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Communications Strategy

By Danielle Veira With limited resources and a focus on programming over media outreach, it’s often difficult for nonprofits to find the time to devote to a comprehensive communications strategy. However, with the new year fully in swing and many organizations looking to expand their impact, this is the perfect time to take a few simple steps to maximize each opportunity to spread your message. Continue reading