5 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Communications Strategy

By Danielle Veira With limited resources and a focus on programming over media outreach, it’s often difficult for nonprofits to find the time to devote to a comprehensive communications strategy. However, with the new year fully in swing and many organizations looking to expand their impact, this is the perfect time to take a few simple steps to maximize each opportunity to spread your message. Continue reading

Investing in Your Job Search

By Jessica Gershuny Every year we make New Year’s resolutions to invest in ourselves. Some we plan to keep and most we forget come February. In 2013, I made a commitment to invest in my career and it inspired me to quit my job, explore new industries, and pursue my MBA. Continue reading

5 Steps to Putting Data to Work

By Katie Grills I got lucky at YNPNdc’s fantastic 10th Anniversary Celebration. I won free registration to the Spring Conference, and I never win anything! The best takeaway, though, was from keynote speaker Mark Hanis’ speech about the absolute necessity of using data as a means to further a cause. Continue reading

Why I YNPNdc: My own personal Cheers

By Emily Davis We all know working at a nonprofit can be a challenge. Depending on the day, we may serve as program managers, IT consultants, social media gurus, receptionists, or event coordinators–all supported by the kind of budgets and technology that truly require us to be miracle workers. I suppose this would be okay if our jobs weren’t that important, but in our world the stakes are high and the work is deeply personal. It’s wonderful to work for a cause, but oh so much harder to put it aside at the end of the day. Continue reading

Why I YNPNdc – 10th Anniversary Edition

By Billy Fettweis, YNPNdc alum and host committee member for the 10th Anniversary Celebration When I joined the YNPNdc board in 2009, I was naïve about what to expect. I suppose I should have known that, over the course of my two-year term, I’d develop skills and meet great people. As it would turn out, that’s pretty standard for board leadership. But it is those lessons and experiences that I never would have anticipated that keep me supporting YNPNdc today. Continue reading

Emerging Leaders starts on Monday, October 28

By Emily Reineke, Board Chair I’ve found that many people in Washington, DC are here early in their career, and they are looking to build a strong base of leadership skills to propel them into the next phase of their professional career. Does this sound like you? Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Give $10 for YNPNdc’s 10th!

Ten years ago, YNPNdc was founded to create a professional support network for young nonprofit leaders. The initial goals were straightforward: network with colleagues and develop professional skills. In the past ten years, we’ve grown from a small group into the country’s largest and most active YNPN chapter, accounting for more than one-third of the national YNPN membership. As an all-volunteer organization, we work tirelessly to reach more than 500 young professionals in DC each year. Continue reading

Why I YNPNdc: Memories to last a lifetime

In celebration of YNPNdc’s 10th anniversary, we’re featuring a series of interviews with YNPNdc alumni.  For our first interview, we asked Malcolm Furgol how YNPNdc impacted his career and about his favorite YNPNdc memories. Being part of YNPNdc’s leadership team increased my professional confidence and helped me build an extensive network of nonprofit contacts in the greater Washington region. The board of directors was a great community to learn and grow in. It was also a great environment to mature in–after starting my first nonprofit position, YNPNdc provided opportunities to practice public speaking, work with budgets, contribute to grant proposals, fundraise, and plan events. Working on the board helped solidify for me that I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector as a career choice. One of the first projects I worked on was setting up the Advisory Council, where I connected with Chuck Bean, then at the Nonprofit Roundtable, Alan Abramson at George Mason University, and Robert Egger, then at DC Central Kitchen. Forging and developing those relationships helped to put YNPNdc on the map in the District of Columbia’s nonprofit community. Continue reading

Looking Forward

By Emily Reineke, Board Chair YNPNdc is beginning a new year with a new slate of leadership team members, and I feel bittersweet about this transition. I am saddened to say farewell to last year’s excellent leadership team that helped grow our organization to more than 10,000members, making YNPNdc the largest in anational network of more than 30 chapters. The growth experienced during the past 10 years is astounding, and I’d like to publicly and sincerely thank the outgoing YNPNdc Board Chair, Carlyn Madden, for her service. Carlyn’s unselfish dedication, passion for the nonprofit sector, and enthusiasm about professional development made her the type of leader we all aspire to be. On behalf of the leadership team, I thank Carlyn for her service and for giving us the chance to learn from her. Continue reading

A Time of Transition

By Carlyn Madden, former Board Chair (2011-2013) August is a time of transition in Washington, DC. While Congress is out of session, families prepare their children to return to school and the city welcomes an influx of bright graduates to our workforce. It’s also time for YNPNdc leaders to pass the baton to the next generation of volunteers. Continue reading