Boot Camp for Nonprofit Board Members

For nonprofit organizations, one of the hardest tasks is to recruit individuals to serve on the Nonprofit’s board of directors and to educate new directors about the duties and responsibilities of Board service.

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement and the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program have designed a one-day course for new board members that will give them an overview of what their role is in the governance of a nonprofit organization.  It will also cover the Board’s role in ensuring that the organization has sufficient funds to carry out its mission and how to provide proper oversight with respect to the expenditure of those funds.  The course will discuss how the Board should evaluate and compensate the CEO.

Finally, the course will discuss how the Board should assess risk with respect to the organization’s operations, and how to plan for the future of the organization.

This all-day course will be taught by professionals with expertise in the running of nonprofit organizations, including lawyers who work with nonprofit organizations, certified public accountants that specialize in nonprofit accounting; fundraising professionals and nonprofit executives who have many years of experience in strategic planning.

The course is designed for individuals who have recently joined a nonprofit Board, and existing Board members who wish to enhance their skills as directors.

To register and attend, please visit the Center for Nonprofit Advancement's website. 

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