How to deal with challenging and difficult people

Learn how to react tactfully with people in your office to create an efficient workplace.

Faculty: Daniel MushalaDaniel Mushala International, Inc. 

This training gives you techniques for dealing with difficult and challenging people in the workplace. We will discover what bugs you, who you are and why you respond the way you do, how to make new changes stick and where to stand your ground along with when to walk away. The training will provide specific strategies for being more assertive, to speak up, to quiet down and defuse a volatile situation. Knowing how to deal with difficult and challenging people at work will allow you to approach your work with more joy and your coworkers with greater assurance. Cooperation, collaboration, and compromise will improve which will allow for a more productive and efficient workplace for everyone.

Registration Fee:
$49.00 for YNPNdc Members; $49.00 for Center Members and PIA; $49.00 for Nonprofit Village Tenants; $89.00 for All Others

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