How to Make Your Ideas Stick in Your Grant Proposals

Because the reviewers of your grant proposals have limited time and cognitive energy, it is very important to make your proposals clear, persuasive, and easy to evaluate. Proposals should be designed so that reviewers can evaluate them fast, frugally, and with as little mental effort as possible.

Creating sticky ideas in your proposals is one important way to address this challenge. Sticky ideas are ones that are understood, remembered, and change their audiences’ opinions and behaviors.

In this workshop presented by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, we will learn the characteristics of sticky ideas; how and why they appeal to reviewers; and how grant proposal professionals can develop sticky ideas for their own grant proposals.

If you can develop sticky ideas in your proposals, reviewers are more likely to understand and remember your points and find your grant proposals persuasive. Use sticky ideas, and your proposals will improve.

To learn more and register at the special $49 YNPNdc rate, visit the Center's website. 

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