"Help others. Have fun."

Kevin Jacobs will join the YNPNdc Board of Directors as the Treasurer starting in August 2016; a role he is uniquely equipped and very excited to fulfill.

Currently, he works for the National Association of Corporate Directors, a governance education organization dedicated to exemplary board leadership. He works with members to educate them on their fiduciary duties, best practices, and how to be better leaders. He also serves the organization by working collaboratively across teams to resolve common issues and create unifying bonds throughout the organization.

He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 2012 with his Bachelor's in Political Science and in 2015 with his Master's in Nonprofit Administration. He served as Vice President of the MPA Alliance from 2013-2014.

With a passion for knowledge and an insatiable appetite for exploration, Kevin spends his spare time exploring all the exciting historical and modern things DC has to offer from monuments to microbreweries. His motto in life is: "Help others and have fun."

Kevin is hoping to start his own nonprofit soon and also currently working on his upcoming book.


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  • commented on Starting Fresh: New Year, New Career Goals 2017-01-11 12:41:42 -0500
    Professionally, I learned that I’m not exactly where I want to be in my career path. While a change in career isn’t in my immediate future, it helped me to analyze the work that I do and how it impacts my life and my community. My biggest success was being able to positively take charge of my health; my biggest failure is too personal. Each experience led me to understanding what I must do to take charge of my future and how I can make myself a better person, colleague, community member, and a better team player. My career is taking an interesting turn this year, so I’m dedicated to learning about it and maximizing my opportunities. I’m simply going to ask my employer to take a more vested interest in my professional growth as I take a more vested interest in our organization’s longevity.

    Viva 2017!