Looking Forward

By Emily Reineke, Board Chair

YNPNdc is beginning a new year with a new slate of leadership team members, and I feel bittersweet about this transition. I am saddened to say farewell to last year’s excellent leadership team that helped grow our organization to more than 10,000members, making YNPNdc the largest in anational network of more than 30 chapters. The growth experienced during the past 10 years is astounding, and I’d like to publicly and sincerely thank the outgoing YNPNdc Board Chair, Carlyn Madden, for her service. Carlyn’s unselfish dedication, passion for the nonprofit sector, and enthusiasm about professional development made her the type of leader we all aspire to be. On behalf of the leadership team, I thank Carlyn for her service and for giving us the chance to learn from her.

At the same time, I am very excited to step into the position of Board Chair and guide this organization forward as we advance the careers of nonprofit professionals to strengthen the sector. This year we are focusing on three goals that were developed through a year-long strategic planning process: deepen member services, increase visibility, and invest in human capital. In the coming months, you can expect YNPNdc to offer intentional and targeted professional development and networking opportunities, consistently communicate our brand and message, and develop a robust pipeline of leaders. These strategies will help us better prepare members to be leaders in the nonprofit community.

These goals combined with our new visiona community of inspired professionals equipped to lead a diverse and evolving nonprofit sector, provide a vehicle to help us continue doing what we do best—delivering quality and affordable professional development and networking opportunities to young nonprofit professionals throughout the DC area. We look forward to the coming year—our 10th anniversary year—and I’m delighted to introduce you to rest of the 2013-2014 leadership team who will help me accomplish our goals:

Board of Directors:

Leadership Team Members:


Emily Reineke has served on the YNPNdc Board of Directors since 2012. She currently works full time at NASPAA: The Global Standard on Public Service Education as the Conference and Strategic Projects Manager. Previously, Emily worked at Virginia Tech on a campus-wide school safety initiative and continues to stay active in the threat assessment community. She earned a M.A. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech and completed undergraduate work in K-12 education at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

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