Co-Chair, Professional Development, YNPNdc Board of Directors

Mariam Nek is the Senior Employment Specialist of the AimHire Job Placement Program of Friendship Place, a growing nonprofit aimed at helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness regain stability and improve their lives. At AimHire, Mariam started as an intern providing direct job-readiness training to clients and built up to her current position, where she works to build program capacity, fosters relationships with businesses and like-minded community organizations, streamlines services provided to clients and manages over 20 pro-bono professional volunteers and interns.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2011 from Stanford University, where she developed her love for the nonprofit sector. In her spare time, Mariam loves belly dancing, trying new recipes, and staying up late playing board games with friends and family.

Mariam Nek 40sc

Mariam Nek