Meet Cliff Mayo

Cliff Mayo is a compliance manager at the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH) and YNPNdc's 2018-2019 Board Chair. A long-time YNPNdc member and volunteer, he's interested in organizational management and development, and loves to learn, no matter what the subject. An Iowa native (Des Moines, to be precise), Cliff has called the DMV area home for more than eight years. We asked Cliff a few questions about the work he does - both in the nonprofit sector and YNPNdc. Check out his answers below, and be sure to say hello at our next event!

What brought you to the nonprofit world?

Once I discovered it was an entire employment sector beyond just the big organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity (and foundations), it was just like, "Oh wow, I can probably find an organization that does anything I'm interested in and maybe they'll have a paid position for it!"

What's your favorite thing about your job?

The biggest reason I have stayed at MCCH for so long is that I am able to pursue a variety of things and I often get to choose the direction. It is important to me not to feel pigeon-holed or stuck.

What do you love about volunteering with YNPNdc?

The sheer diversity of the people I've met who want to serve the organization - and their life experiences! It's also great to be able to brag about YNPNdc to folks who don't know about it yet.

How have you grown at YNPNdc?

The biggest thing I've learned is recognizing when and how I should take charge or speak up, as well as gaining a lot of experience outside of my day job that has made me more confident of what I'm able to contribute.

What's the most important life lesson you’ve learned?

Don't cry over spilled milk. There is always a next step that can improve any situation, no matter how bad.

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