The ABCs of program evaluation

Gain a better appreciation for program evaluation, and discover why it should be used not only for grant proposal-writing, but as a best practice for your organization as a whole

Program evaluation often has been viewed as a kind of “necessary evil.” If funders didn’t require it, then some program staff members would gladly dispense with evaluation all together. After all, evaluation often appears to be but a meaningless obsession with data and numbers, especially when one already knows: “Our program works.” The purpose of this workshop, therefore, is to provide an overview of program evaluation and its value beyond grant compliance. In the process of this highly interactive workshop, participants will gain insight into evaluation and data as well as skill in using these to improve program performance. Further, as a result of the workshop, even experienced program operators will benefit by learning how to use evaluation to write more effective grant proposals.

Faculty: Dr. Anane Olatunji, President, Align Education, LLC


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