Top 10 Reasons to Give $10 for YNPNdc’s 10th!

Ten years ago, YNPNdc was founded to create a professional support network for young nonprofit leaders. The initial goals were straightforward: network with colleagues and develop professional skills. In the past ten years, we’ve grown from a small group into the country’s largest and most active YNPN chapter, accounting for more than one-third of the national YNPN membership. As an all-volunteer organization, we work tirelessly to reach more than 500 young professionals in DC each year.

YNPNdc is excited about our tenth year with plans that include operationalizing our strategic plan, strengthening our leadership pipeline, building brand awareness, and continuing to make a difference to young nonprofit leaders. As we embark on our tenth year and the opportunities and challenges ahead, consider donating to YNPNdc to help us advance our mission.

Just in case you need some convincing, here are our top ten reasons to give:

  1. High quality programs through a range of services. YNPNdc provides numerous professional development trainings and workshops to young professionals annually. Topics have included resume-writing, fundraising, and management as well as discussion groups on important trends in the sector.
  2. Connections with peers and leaders. There are always opportunities to connect with your peers and leaders in the sector so that we can build both talent pipelines and a more cohesive community.
  3. YNPNdc is one of a kind. There is no other organization that caters to the entire young nonprofit community in DC, which means your support keeps local professionals thriving.
  4. Professional development at a low cost. As a membership organization without dues, YNPNdc is an affordable way to get involved.
  5. Networking events. Donations offset the cost of monthly happy hours and other eventsthat provide opportunities to trade information on jobs, organizations, and upcoming events with peers and leaders.
  6. Mentorship opportunities. YNPNdc allows you to connect with established leaders in the nonprofit sector and learn the ropes from a dedicated professional.
  7. We’re changing the way people think about “Millennials.” Our events, activities, and discussions bring great ideas and fresh perspectives of young and emerging leaders to the conversations that are shaping the future of the nonprofit sector.
  8. As the largest YNPN chapter in the country, for once DC beats NYC! We’ve gone from 1,300 members in 2009 to almost 10,000 members in 2013 through the support of members and donors.
  9. We offer great resources. Multiple listservs, message boards, and online resources keep YNPNdc members informed about jobs, events, and other news in the DC and larger nonprofit communities.
  10. At 10 years-old, we’re older than iTunes, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, “Finding Nemo,” and yes, even Facebook.

YNPNdc is proud of the part we’ve played in helping young professionals meet the demands of a rapidly growing nonprofit community. To support the nonprofit leaders of the next decade, please consider a gift of $10 on October 10th in honor of YNPNdc’s 10th anniversary!

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