Why I YNPNdc – 10th Anniversary Edition

By Billy Fettweis, YNPNdc alum and host committee member for the 10th Anniversary Celebration

When I joined the YNPNdc board in 2009, I was naïve about what to expect. I suppose I should have known that, over the course of my two-year term, I’d develop skills and meet great people. As it would turn out, that’s pretty standard for board leadership. But it is those lessons and experiences that I never would have anticipated that keep me supporting YNPNdc today.

I served on and would later co-chair the Professional Development committee, the group that plans monthly workshops for members. Throughout my time with YNPNdc, I developed skills invaluable to my professional career, including running effective meetings, motivating long-term volunteers, and even managing conflict. In many cases, these were skills that I hadn’t had a chance to practice during my full-time job – a common refrain among my fellow leaders, who valued YNPNdc as an outlet for their creativity, drive, and passion. The network and friendships that I built with these talented individuals kept me motivated even when challenged by the demands of YNPNdc board service.

One of the most unexpected benefits of my time with YNPNdc was the appreciation I developed for board service. Early in my career, I had a rare opportunity to learn that board service is a unique way to make a difference for a cause you believe in while also advancing your own career through new skills and networks. Serving with YNPNdc helped me relate to and manage the boards of nonprofits where I’ve worked since then. And as I rolled off the board of YNPNdc, I leveraged my experience to join the board of SMYAL, the leading DC nonprofit addressing the needs of LGBTQ youth. At SMYAL, I started a volunteer committee to engage young professionals in SMYAL’s work, and all of this would have been impossible without YNPNdc.

But most important, and perhaps most unexpectedly, YNPNdc gave me pride in the nonprofit sector. Many of us hear the negative stereotypes – that nonprofits are unbusiness-like and chaotic, and the early career professionals who work there are idealistic “do-gooders” who will soon realize they can make more money in the for-profit sector. YNPNdc taught me that these stereotypes are ignorant of those strategic, thoughtful organizations and individuals who are making change – often gradually, often beneath the radar, but in enduring and inspiring ways.

As young nonprofit professionals, we’re tenacious, we’re ambitious, and we’re incredibly resourceful (often because we have to be). We work for nonprofits not just because we have an idealistic view of how we want the world to be, but because we have a shared understanding of the opportunities that should exist in a just society and because we believe that each one of us, regardless of profession, has a stake and a responsibility for making this vision a reality. YNPNdc is a community where these leaders meet, share ideas, and inspire one another. And I’m proud to be a part of it.

Billy Fettweis served on the YNPNdc Board of Directors from 2009-2011, serving on and later co-chairing the Professional Development committee.  He is now the Manager of Development at Children’s Law Center, the largest legal services nonprofit in DC, which provides legal services to at-risk children and their families.  Prior to this role, he was the Senior Development Manager at the Parkinson’s Action Network, where he was responsible for generating $2.2 million in annual private revenue.  He also served as Director of Volunteer Services at Greater DC Cares, where he managed all hands-on and skills-based volunteer programs, which engaged 43,000+ volunteers annually and supported 900+ community-based organizations.  Billy is orginally from Randolph, NJ and now lives on Capitol Hill.  A graduate of George Washington University, he also serves on the SMYAL Board of Directors and has served on the Local Advisory Board for LIFT-DC.

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