Why I YNPNdc: Memories to last a lifetime

In celebration of YNPNdc’s 10th anniversary, we’re featuring a series of interviews with YNPNdc alumni.  For our first interview, we asked Malcolm Furgol how YNPNdc impacted his career and about his favorite YNPNdc memories.

Being part of YNPNdc’s leadership team increased my professional confidence and helped me build an extensive network of nonprofit contacts in the greater Washington region. The board of directors was a great community to learn and grow in. It was also a great environment to mature in–after starting my first nonprofit position, YNPNdc provided opportunities to practice public speaking, work with budgets, contribute to grant proposals, fundraise, and plan events. Working on the board helped solidify for me that I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector as a career choice. One of the first projects I worked on was setting up the Advisory Council, where I connected with Chuck Bean, then at the Nonprofit RoundtableAlan Abramson at George Mason University, and Robert Egger, then at DC Central Kitchen. Forging and developing those relationships helped to put YNPNdc on the map in the District of Columbia’s nonprofit community.

It goes without saying that the greatest memory and personal development that grew out of my time with YNPNdc was that I met my wife, Gudrun Hofmeister, who was another member of the leadership team. Our meeting is a tie to YNPNdc that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Out of YNPNdc’s many accomplishments from 2008-2011, I am most proud of the YNPN national conference that we hosted in Washington, DC in 2009 and how we leveraged the outcomes of that event to rapidly grow and strengthen the organization. The leadership team was so amazing and we were able to accomplish a lot. It was a great synergy of people committed to the cause, we found and leveraged the right partnerships and worked together. When all those pieces come together in the right way, you can do anything you set your mind to. After hosting the national conference in 2009, YNPNdc has successfully hosted an Annual Leadership Conference every spring and many other milestones can be traced back to work that began then.

Malcolm Furgol is the Membership and Information Manager at the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington.  From 2008-2011, Malcolm served as a Partnerships Committee Member, the Partnerships Committee Chair, the Deputy Chair, and Board Chair of YNPNdc.

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